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Accidental Injury

Your clients can experience  many additional costs on top of treating an injury that may not be covered under their primary medical coverage.

Accidental Injury insurance helps cover a wide span of events, from emergency situations to more common accidents. They provide coverage for burns, comas, paralysis, concussions and dislocations. There are other common injuries that are covered too, like fractures, broken teeth, eye injuries and lacerations.

Get your clients the help they deserve by offering Accidental Injury coverage.


Hospital Indemnity

When it comes to the health of your clients and their families, unexpected or long-term hospitalizations should not be a time to worry about medical costs. Hospital Indemnity insurance puts recovery first over hospital bills.

Depending on the plan, Hospital Indemnity insurance provides cash payments to help pay for the added expenses associated with a hospital stay. Typically plans pay based on the number of days confined to the Hospital, Intensive Care Unit or a Critical Care Unit.



Having Disability coverage is ideal when experiencing a disabling event that may limit someone's ability to work, but generally recover from - such as a plumber breaking a hand or a pilot undergoing back surgery.

Disability insurance replaces a percentage of your client’s income through weekly benefits if they experience an injury or illness that prevents them from working.  Protecting your client’s income is an essential benefit you can offer.

Disability insurance is typically obtained through an employer, but you can provide this benefit direct to your clients. Now, gig economy workers and individuals who are self-employed have the ability to protect their income as well.


Critical Illness

Although many major medical plans provide coverage for costs that arise from a critical illness, such as a Heart Attack, Stroke or Cancer, there are still various out-of-pocket expenses that could add up quickly for your clients.

Surviving a critical illness may come at an unexpected high price. Having a Critical Illness policy in place that pays out cash benefits upon the diagnosis of certain diseases and medical events could help.

Offering this type of protection can help your clients avoid the financial strain that could have a major impact on them during this trying time.


Life Insurance

As people grow older, get married, build families, buy homes and start businesses, they come to realize that life insurance is a fundamental part of having a sound financial plan. Now you can offer your clients peace of mind for any circumstance, like:

Protecting their family and replacing lost income after death

Helping with ongoing living expenses for their family

Covering the high cost of end-of life burial expenses

Ensuring their children’s future education expenses are covered

Leaving an inheritance for their family

Protecting their business, it’s partners, employees and investments

Providing an additional financial stream to their retirement plan


Whole Life

Term Life

Universal Life

Mortgage Protection

Final Expense

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